3 Quick Ways To Reduce Unsubscribes

You work hard to get people to subscribe to your businesses emails. So when someone indicates that they might be disengaged and/or no longer interested in what you have to say (by clicking on your emails unsubscribe link), you ought to think about whether there are any tactics that you can employ to keep hold of them and encourage them to stay with you.

Put it this way – if someone had regularly been visiting your bricks and mortar store, and one day announced that they were leaving and never wanted to see you again, it’s unlikely that you’d simply say “thank you” and watch them walk out of the door. Instead, you’d want to know why they were leaving and what you could do to tempt them to stay. Your email efforts should be no different.

Want some ideas? Here are 3 that might just work…


Make them fall in love with your business again. Show them how much you value them with special sales, free offers and discount codes for subscribers only. Remind potential unsubscribers of this on the unsubscribe pages.


Ensure your unsubscribe form captures the reason why they’ve unsubscribed. Are you emailing them too often? Not enough? Is your content not relevant? Although you may not be able to stop someone unsubscribing this way, it will undoubtedly help you to improve your subscribers’ experience going forward.


Offer your potential unsubscriber different relevancy and frequency options. This way a subscriber might simply choose to hear from you less rather than not at all. Groupon do this well. grouponAs you can see in the screen shot on the left, they allow people to reduce their email frequency and choose exactly what they’d like to hear about as well as offering the option to unsubscribe from all emails.

Offering this option allows Groupon to hang on to more of their valuable subscribers by delivering them only content and offers that are relevant.

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