3 new features for dotdigital Engagement Cloud

Last Tuesday our Techies worked long and hard to bring you some new features and functionality to make dotdigital Engagement Cloud users’ lives much much easier. In addition to the dotdigital Engagement Cloud Watchdog, launched to protect your reputation and stop spammers in their tracks, you can read more in our knowledge base, we also added;

Number 1 – E-Invoicing

Instead of a paper invoice, all dotdigital Engagement Cloud customers will now receive their monthly invoice via an email with a link to the invoice in your account. From there you can print it out or export it to CSV if you wish. This means you will receive your monthly invoice quicker and we’re even looking into adding a Pay by Credit Card link to make it even easier to pay! If you don’t wish to receive your monthly invoice by email you can contact your Account Manager or the Support Team, but be warned, we will be adding a small charge to those who prefer snail mail from 2011.

Number 2 – dotdigital Engagement Cloud campaign restore

A very useful little feature which means you can go back to a previous version of your dotdigital Engagement Cloud campaign. Great for those of us who aren’t so great when we try to work with HTML and need to go back a few actions! dotdigital Engagement Cloud will also auto-save draft copies of your campaign, whilst you’re working on it.

Number 3 – My timezone

This feature will be launched in Beta phase available to all shortly. It allows you to set your dotdigital Engagement Cloud account to the timezone that you work in so all times and dates in dotdigital Engagement Cloud are updated to your timezone. e.g. if you’re in Berlin and want to schedule a send, you can set the timezone to Berlin and enter the time in Berlin time without having to work out what that time would be in the UK. A great relief to all our users outside the UK.

Those are the main additions to the latest update to dotdigital Engagement Cloud. If there are features you want to see in dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud you can join our user community forum, dotZone, and tell us there what you want to see!

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