20% of Deborah Lippmann’s customers buy with one-touch email checkout

With a survey from Auriemma Consulting concluding that 42% of iPhone 6 users have tried Apple Pay, it’s no surprise that ecommerce companies are now looking to Apple Pay as a way to streamline the customer experience.

Apple’s launch of Apple pay in October 2014 was met with an element of unease with regard to security, however people have been won over by its ease of use, functionality and proven track record for security. It’s a great time for brands to look into the benefits that Apple Pay can bring to the mix – and our client, Deborah Lippmann, is one of them.

Deborah Lippmann is one of the first brands to pioneer the way customers can transact through emails, by adding a one-tap purchase button that uses Apple Pay. This addition, which is made possible by the Equipay app, allows users to add items to their cart right from the email and checkout instantly. This has been hailed as the fastest path to conversion, taking just a few seconds, and cutting down the risk of losing sales.

Mark Lippmann commented “Apple Pay one-touch checkout is being used by nearly 20% of our customers since implementation early this year, with an impressive higher-than-normal Average Order Value. Our customers are loving the ease, security and speed of Apple Pay checkout, and dotmailer has made implementation in our email campaigns fast and easy.”

A report by the Aite Group found that after just one year, Apple Pay impacted 1% of retail transactions in the US, and although this doesn’t sound substantial, the US retail industry is worth a whopping $4.5 trillion annually. This means that Apple Pay’s impact on retail payments would be roughly $45 billion, and these figures are only growing stronger.

Deborah Lippmann is a global beauty products empire, often described as ‘small but very upscale’. Mark Lippmann described the path forward as “The key to the company growth is online” and dotmailer for Magento is transforming their ability to engage with their customers. Deborah Lippmann uses dotmailer for Magento, to build customer intimacy and to target customers based on purchase history and abandoned carts. Since implementing dotmailer for Magento, they can directly track around half their sales to email activity.

This sales uplift is only going to be supported by the introduction of the new payment option into their multichannel strategy, and with the offer of 15% off every Apple Pay purchase, it’s a no-brainer for customers too.

Deborah Lippmann’s wide range of products, list of celebrity clientele and selection of upmarket retailers all tell a story about the brand, and dotmailer for Magento helps to deliver this story.

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