2 Automation programs proven to drive sales

Currency specialist FAIRFX have been using email automation over the last year to increase engagement and drive conversions.

The outcome of this has been hugely positive leading to them being nominated for ‘best use of email’ at the prestigious DMA awards talking place this December. They are now trialing new automation services to further improve their results.

Since introducing email automation FAIRFX have seen:

  • 17% more visits to their website
  • 73% increase in conversion rates
  • 103% increase in transactions
  • 121% increase in revenue

But what did they do and how did they do it? We’ve picked out two ways FAIRFX have used automation in their email campaigns:

Welcome Program

All visitors to the FAIRFX site are invited to register their details. This sets in motion the automated email program and sends the customer a series of emails that explains FAIRFX services and are designed to educate the customer rather than sell directly.

“Every new customer receives three different emails as part of the welcome program, then a personal call from one of the customer services team within 48 hours of the last email being sent. This approach certainly is paying dividends – within just two months of its introduction, 60% of those who signed up converted in to actual paying customers.”


Happy Birthday campaign

FAIRFX keep their birthday messages pretty simple. While other retailers may use a voucher or offer with their birthday campaigns FAIRFX use a humorous birthday greeting with an animated cake and candle.

“This simple touch of keeping contact has proved to be a real winner – our total additional turnover generated from this campaign rose by over 300% in just eight months.”



We hope these campaign examples give you a taste of how you can use automation in your emails. For more information on FAIRFX and how they implemented email automation take a look at our case study.


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