#15Years of awesome – a dotmailer milestone

Earlier this week, dotmailer celebrated its 15th Birthday with a move into brand new offices at 1 London Bridge, alongside a great financial end year report to the city. Here are the highlights from Peter Simmonds’ CEO speech, and our storify recap.

“As most of you know the dotmailer team don’t need much of an excuse for a party, but tonight we have four very good reasons to celebrate. The opening of this new office, our trading update for the year end, the launch of the new dotmailer branding and celebrating of 15 years in business.

This is a fantastic space – a great space to work in but more importantly a great space to welcome clients and business partners. We have designed the space to be flexible – flexible as a working environment; flexible as a space to run training, workshops and seminars.

Today we announced an update on our trading results for the year ended 30th June. I am very proud to report that we delivered top line revenue growth of 32%, ahead of expectations. To continue to deliver organic growth at this level is a great achievement and one of which everyone in the Company should be proud.

The US operation grew by over 200% and it is a great testimony to both the dotmailer platform and their hard work – led by company founder Tink Taylor – that such progress was made in the first full year of operation. Most importantly, I would like to say a huge thank you to our clients and business partners, without you none of the last 15 years would have been possible. You are what makes the business what it is today.

For nearly 15 years the previous brand identity has served us well,  but as we move into an exciting new era we felt the brand needed to evolve to match the exciting new features and functionality that will be part of the platform. Today we also launched a totally new marketing website and have also given the entire dotmailer application the benefit of a modern, flat design and added some great new features.”

Peter Simmonds, July 15, 2014

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