Mastering Affiliate Marketing With Email

Imagine having other business owners’ and organisations promoting your products and services, working hard to drive traffic to your latest offers.

Master affiliate marketing and you’ll no longer have to imagine!

affiliateStrike up affiliate deals with relevant partners to build up an affiliate network and watch your marketing reach sky rocket.

How can I harness the potential of affiliate marketing via email?

I’m sure that there are organisations out there that you’re not directly competing with but that perhaps compliment and/or fit well with your brand and what your business is doing/offering.

It’s likely that some of these businesses might be willing to recommend your products and services to their audience for a small commission; after all you’re not actually competing with them and it’s a great way for them to earn a little extra.

Let’s say for example that you run a nail salon in Bristol. Is there a hairdresser locally that has a similar client base to you? If nails aren’t something that they do then they could potentially be an affiliate you could work with.

If you were able to harness their email database and online network to promote your services then everyone’s a winner:

  • They get a commission when someone books as a result of their affiliate activity
  • You’ll benefit from more exposure which might lead to new business….Kerching!

Sold on the idea yet? Here are a few top tips for success:

In order to make sure your product or offering is represented as you would like, send your affiliates the creative that you would like them to send in their email efforts.

Produce a document that they can simply copy and paste from your and adapt to their own email send needs.

Tell your affiliate partners that they are free to use the creative you’ve sent in broadcast emails but also in newsletters, blog posts, Facebook posts and Linkedin discussion groups and Tweets; this could expand your reach even further.

Advise your affiliates that for best results, when sending out emails they should personalise them, including swapping out [First Name] with their own contact’s name.

Encourage your affiliates to test links before posting or sending out ANYTHING to their community, especially if they are shortening a link using a tool such as: or

Arm each affiliate with a personalised link and/or booking code so that you can track sales back to where they came from.

I love to read your thoughts, tips and questions, so please don’t hesitate to speak your mind below, or tweet @dotMailer – we always respond.

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