101 Questions That Online Surveys Can Help You Answer: 21-30

QuestionsOnline surveys can be an extremely effective tool for growing sales and turning prospects into loyal customers. But that’s not all they can be used for. Oh no, we’re on a mission to identify 101 questions that online surveys can help your business answer.

Today’s post brings you another 10, and will take us up to 30 potential questions that surveys can help you answer in an effort to help you run a more productive and successful operation.

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101 Questions That Surveys Can Help You Answer: 21-30:

How likely are you to work with us/buy from us again?

Use an online survey to identify what it is that turns your one-off buyers into loyal customers. Use the results to ensure that your business ticks all of the boxes that will encourage repeat transactions going forward.

How likely are you to recommend us to others?

Find out who your businesses advocates are and identify ways to reward and encourage them accordingly.

How knowledgeable are your customer service representatives?

Were they able to answer all of the questions asked by your customers? If not, where did they fall short?

How well do your customer service representatives listen to customers’ needs?

Great customer service is all about listening and providing appropriate solutions. Use customer comments to evaluate whether your team are really listening to what your customers want rather than just reading from a standard issue script.

Are you challenging your employees enough?

Does your workforce feel like they are being worked to their full potential? Are they ready for some more responsibility?

Do your employees feel that they are being managed well?

Are supervisors within your business supervising too much or too little? Are they providing regular constructive feedback?

How often do your employees feel stressed and over worked?

While you want to push your employees to fulfill their potential, it is also important that they don’t feel overwhelmed. Use a survey to identify where extra help and/or mentoring might be required.

What actions should you take in order to create a better workplace?

Take the time to get to know your employees and find out what really makes individuals tick in order to increase productivity and boost morale.

What changes would most improve your product or service?

As the old saying goes, your customers are always right. Use their opinions and ideas  to inspire and encourage product and service developments and/or new features.

What do your customers like most about competing products and services?

What do your competitors offer that you don’t? In today’s competitive marketplace it’s vital that businesses spend time and resources investing in the things that make your product or service sell and your customers are by far the best source for this information.

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