101 Questions That Online Surveys Can Help You Answer: 11-20

AnswersMicrosoft says that ‘everyone talks a good game about trying to satisfy customers, but few business owners actually check whether they’re hitting the mark’. They add that there’s a simple solution to that, to ‘start asking’.

We couldn’t agree more, so over the next few weeks we’re going to be outlining some of the issues and questions within your business that online surveys might just be able to help you solve (painlessly and cost effectively I might add).

If you missed post one in this series, then you can take a look at it here. Once you’ve read that then come back here for another 10 ideas. If you want to learn more about collecting customer data for data-driven email marketing, check out dotMailer’s definitive guide to the subject.

11. Why are your current customer’s customers of yours?

What is it that made them choose you over a competitor? Is it to do with price? A particular promotion?

12. What is it that triggers your current customers to complete a purchase?

Do special offers impact whether a purchase is made and when it is completed? Did a certain campaign resonate strongly and encourage transactions?

13. Does your current offering meet your customers’ expectations?

If not, what were they expecting that you didn’t/don’t deliver?

14. How is your product or service used by your customers?

What problem does it help them solve? You might be surprised by some of the answers here and it might inspire a whole new range of ideas.

15. What search terms do customers use to find your website?

Use a survey to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI from your search marketing budget by identifying how paying customers found you in the first place.

16. How do your customers like to pay for products and services?

Do they prefer to pay online using a credit or debit card or would they rather speak to someone over the phone? Not offering a preferred option might well be causing potential buyers to exit your sales funnel before purchase.

17. Are there any customer service issues that need addressing?

Use a survey to let customers communicate any grievances that they might have with your product or service. This way, small bothers can be aired and shared before they escalate further.

18. What makes you better or worse than your competitors?

Ask your existing customers to help you identify your competitive differences and strengths in the marketplace that you operate in.

19. What do your employees want?

Engaged and happy employees are more productive. Conduct an employee satisfaction survey to ask your workforce what you might be able to do to make their lives a little easier and their jobs a little more rewarding.

20. Are your team communicating with one another?

It is vital that departments and individuals within your business communicate openly with one another. Use a survey to identify whether the communication channels within your business are open and are being harnessed regularly to their full potential.

As always, I love to read your thoughts, tips and questions, so comment below or tweet @dotmailer – we’ll always respond.

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