10 Stats An Email Marketer Should Know

So you’ve put together what seems like the perfect email marketing campaign. Everything seems to be in place and you are all set to hit the send button. Before you do, the latest dotMailer Hitting the Mark report has a few stats the we think might be very helpful and might even make your campaign more effective.

There is nothing worse than finding out after sending out your emails that a few minor changes here and there could have improved your results so we’d like to suggest that you carry on reading.


1. A whopping 87% of emails sent to customers following a purchase were not tied to that customer’s previous purchase behaviour and were found to be no different from emails sent to cold prospects.

2. 17% of email marketing campaigns land recipients on the homepage. When you consider that you have just a matter of seconds to grab and focus your visitors’ attention, this could be rather off-putting.

3. A massive 68% of consumers read emails on their mobile phones. It is very important to make sure emails are optimized for mobile viewing.

4. 35% of recipients will open an email specifically because of the content of the subject line. Front load the best content and aim to grab recipients’ attention as quickly as possible.

5. 25% of all time spent on the Internet is now spent on social media sites.

6. 78% of the UK online population use social networks like Facebook, Digg and Reddit to pass on and share information.

7. LinkedIn now has over 100m users worldwide. Facebook has 350m active users with the average user creating an average of 90 pieces of content a month.

8. Only 24% of retailers included a link to twitter in the email marketing. When you consider the fact that around one in every 300 web visits is to Twitter, whose user base is growing 1,000% every year, it seems like the potential for more effective outreach is being ignored.

9. In terms on post sale email marketing, only 27% of retailers encouraged customers to sign-up to the newsletter during the checkout.

10. Only 13% of retailers customised email based on gender.





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