10 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Email Templates

A significant part of doing business successfully revolves around interaction and communication with current and potential customers. Be it communication in person, by phone or email, it’s critical for it to be direct and clearly understood.

Email marketing is one of the most widely used forms of communicating targeted messages to the public and not without reason. It allows businesses to send personalised messages to their audience and segment it based on demographic characteristics or interests. This feature makes messages more relevant and strict to the point. Most businesses use email templates because they allow them to determine the effectiveness of their messages quickly and easily and to adjust their strategy to the on-going requirements.

Those who want to promote their businesses to dedicated customers and make the best use of email marketing campaigns often refer to email marketing companies. But whether they do it on their own or with the help of skilled and experienced companies, they need to avoid a number of mistakes when building email templates as part of an effective email marketing strategy.

It’s common knowledge that email is one of the best ways to turn cautious readers into enthusiastic buyers. Success of email campaigns depends on the way email designs look and whether they are high-performing. For example, it’s better to avoid playing with colour when building an email template. Splashes of colour may be used in fashion newsletters but plain text emails are more preferable as there’s nothing to distract the readers from the subject matter.

Furthermore, those building email templates are to think about their size and avoid creating too short or too long emails. The word count and the number of images may affect how readers respond to a message, so it’s wise to keep them snappy yet informative.

The third mistake to avoid is creating full post emails rather than abstracts. Saying twenty words and then giving a link to the website can be beneficial in terms of getting customers to the site where they can add comments, interact or even buy something. Next, some might think that using endorsements or testimonials in their email templates is over-the-top but that’s a common mistake. Testimonials can be proof that others enjoy their newsletters. Of course, it’s better to avoid making the text sound too polished or flattering but keep it as authentic as possible.

By the same token, some businesspeople forget to test their subject lines. But it’s indispensable because if the audience doesn’t like the subject line, then all the effort put into writing an email, finding the right image, creating links, etc. is wasted. Also, it concerns the messages themselves. It’s important to test them before sending out as it can help senders see the mail from the perspective of the recipient.

The seventh and perhaps one of the most important mistakes to avoid is filling email templates with too many images. It can lead to emails becoming larger in size and more susceptible to being selected as spam. And no one wants their work to go to waste because of their messages getting caught in spam.

In addition, some templates fail to have the mandatory unsubscribe link at the bottom. But it’s better to make sure that this link is included and is clearly visible so as to avoid getting into potential difficulties in this area.

Moreover, it’s essential to keep email templates specific to messages. Some templates can come with images or designs having no connection to particular emails, so paying attention to details can help avoid misunderstanding.

Finally, it’s preferable to avoid choosing templates that are already widespread in circulation. It’s important to make them relevant to the company’s mission and purpose both in design and format.

All in all, email templates can bring lots of benefits for businesses in terms of marketing and informing customers about new products, services or events. It’s a cost- and time-efficient method to convey a company’s message to its target audience. Nonetheless, avoiding common mistakes when building an email template can ensure that the message is viewed exactly in the way in which it was created.

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