10 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re looking to promote your business with an email marketing campaign there are some common mistakes that you will be wise to avoid.

Below is a list of some mistakes that you should avoid in an email marketing campaign:

1) Don’t rush into finding an email marketing company. Look online for a reputable email marketing provider that has a proven track record. All too often if you opt for a cheap, un-proven email marketing provider, too many of your emails will end up unread in the junk boxes of your potential customers.

2) Don’t send marketing emails without an ‘unsubscribe link included in your email. This is a legal requirement in the UK and helps to build trust with your recipients whilst cleaning your database.

3) Don’t send out emails without a link to your privacy policy. This is to ensure that the recipients of your emails can trust you with their personal information. A privacy policy should provide information, such as a list of the data that you hold about your recipients (name, email address, telephone number). It should also include details of what information you may share about your recipients and with whom.

4) Don’t send out emails without a clearly written contact email address for responses. It’s preferable that your company name appears in the ‘from’ field and that a return email address is included in the text on the email being distributed.

5) Don’t send out emails without including your business address at the footer of the email. Again this is a legal requirement in the UK.

6) Don’t send out bland and lifeless emails. If you’re doing email marketing, send emails which are going to grab the recipient’s attention! Find an email marketing provider with the skills and accreditation so that you can send image and content rich emails with links and even video.

7) Don’t send out an email unless it has at least one link back to your business site. It’s amazing the amount of email marketing campaigns that are run with a simple image and a “call this number”. You are far more likely to increase your revenue by including links back to your business website from the email shots you send out. This will help your website’s presence on the internet by increasing the number of hits your site receives per day.

8) Don’t forget to follow up on your emails. Your email marketing campaign is finished, you’ve sent your email shot and you’ve had some responses and an increase in traffic to your website. So what’s next? What about a phone call or email follow-up?

9) Don’t have a mixed message email. Keep your email easy to read, short, concise and with a focussed theme and a single-minded proposition.

10) Finally, don’t just send your email marketing campaign to every single email address you can lay your hands on. By targeting a demographic of your customer base with specific messages and offers you are far more likely to have a higher success rate. Why send 5000 un-targeted emails and only get a 10% response when you can take your time, find your market, and send 2000 emails with 50% response rate?