10 eCommerce trends that will impact retail in 2016

eCommerce has become a must for retailers, but it is increasingly challenging to choose the right strategy and the tools that are compatible with existing operations and ways of doing things.

Absolunet has analyzed 31 digital and eCommerce projects from major Canadian retailers – many of which are Absolunet clients, including Birks & Mayors, Stokes, Linen Chest, Souris Mini, SAIL, Structube, La Vie en Rose – complementing the analysis with its expertise and understanding of the market as a whole.

Absolunet shares with dotmailer the 10 trends that will have the greatest impact on Canadian retailers in 2016. Although all 10 trends are eCommerce-based, their impact will also be felt in stores. These are listed to help retailers gain valuable insight to choose the best strategies and the best partners for their growth.

  • Click & collect is becoming standard
    A MUST for online retailers who operate brick-and-mortar stores: in-store pick up will be offered by an increasing proportion of retailers.
  • The rise of in-store digital
    In 2016, more and more stores will see the introduction of innovative digital technologies on the sales floor.
  • Social media profitability
    Social media ROI is constantly improving and smart retailers will continue to (or begin) investing in their social presence.
  • Brands creating more content
    Brands will create more original content than ever before.
  • B2B overtaking B2C
    As the tools continue to evolve, B2B eCommerce is expected to see a phenomenal growth in the next few years.
  • Globalization: More Canadian retailers expanding worldwide
    Several prominent Canadian retailers will leverage their digital infrastructure to expand into foreign markets, most notably the U.S.
  • Product Information management
    As customer behaviour shifts towards ‘pre-purchase research’, retailers will invest in product information management solutions, or ‘PIM’.
  • The simplification of order processing
    More transactions means more processing. To achieve sustainable profitability, retailers will invest in Order Management Systems (OMS) to cope with the increased demand in processing and logistics.
  • Client data for all
    Merchants who invest in solutions that make it possible to profile clients and to personalize the shopping experience will gain market share.
  • Fraud – and the tools to fight it – on the rise
    Fraud is a growing problem for Canadian retailers. As fraudulent methods evolve, so too are the tools to fight it becoming more accessible.

To understand these 10 trends, their potential impacts on Canadian retail, and to find out which Canadian retailers have successfully implemented which digital solutions, visit www.10EcommerceTrends.com.

This post was created by one of our agency partners, Absolunet inc., who are based in Canada. They specialize in eCommerce, web development and digital marketing, which includes helping retailers to realize their digital potential. They recommend the dotmailer marketing automation platform to clients as a great extension with Magento.