1 week left to make nominations for the eec’s 2016 Email Marketing Awards

Inspired by a thought leader in the email marketing world, know a colleague who’s created a cool, compelling campaign or a client that’s put together an outstanding email program? Time’s running out to nominate them for this year’s email experience council Email Marketing Awards.

If you’re pondering over why should take the time to nominate, the eec, an arm of the US DMA, give three reasons which’ll help you to realize why the event is so important for the industry:

  1. Email marketers deserve some recognition

Some brands fall short when it comes to email marketing – so we should celebrate those who are getting it right.

  1. Sharing great work helps everyone

We all need things to be inspired by and to aspire to. After all, the world holds exhibitions on everything from art to fashion. So why shouldn’t amazing email creatives get some limelight too?

  1. Experience makes great leaders

We need greats and thought leaders to drive forward the future of email marketing. Without them it’s like a nation without a government.


There are three different awards categories, with the Email Program Awards containing 11 sub-categories – recognizing everything from best use of responsive or mobile-friendly design to the best use of humor, personality or content.

Winners will be announced at the Email Evolution Conference, which is taking place in New Orleans from March 30 to April 1.

As an eec Member of the Advisory Committee itself, one of our founders, Tink Taylor, shares his thoughts on these prestigious awards: “One of my missions is to help individual organizations, and the industry as a whole, to develop and progress within the email marketing space.

“The eec Email Marketing Awards are vital in showcasing and celebrating the creatives, brands and leaders who are ahead of the curve.”

You can cast your votes here on the eec website.