5 common reasons for cart abandonment (and how you can overcome them)

What is cart abandonment?  Cart abandonment is when a potential customer adds items to their shopping cart but leaves the website without completing the checkout process. Any item that is added to the shopping cart but it…

10 resources to improve your marketing automation strategy

Don't miss out on all the winning marketing automation strategy content from last month. Make sure your marketing's top-notch this summer.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the branch of your digital marketing strategy that uses email to promote your brand, products, and services.  Using email marketing you’re engaging with leads that have expressed a direct interest in your brand by…

Turn new customers into regular shoppers in 7 easy steps

Our very own account manager Clare Walker discusses what it takes to turn new customers into frequent shoppers.

Email marketing campaigns that pack a punch

We receive countless emails every day. Work emails, personal emails, marketing emails, reminders, and order confirmations. But how many of these capture our attention? The days of batch-and-blast email marketing are long gone. Modern marketers need to…

Can your email subject line land you in the spam folder?

Every once in a while we get asked, “is having this word in my subject line going to make my email go into spam?” or “my email has gone into junk, is it because I used emojis?”…

Privacy Shield update

Our head of legal, privacy, and compliance addresses any concerns customers might have about the privacy shield update by the ECJ.

Post-sale email marketing – how to dramatically increase your ROI

Post-sale email marketing is about extending the value of the customer experience. Find out which tactics will help you drive more engagement, revenue, and loyalty.

The great B2C and B2B convergence: refining your B2B marketing strategy

Your B2B marketing strategy is even more powerful with B2C tactics at the forefront. Find out how both B2C and B2B are converging to form a winning business formula.

6 ways to drive repeat purchases

Discover how you can increase your repeat purchases with tried-and-true data-driven marketing tactics. Understand what makes customers tick.

What we did on Juneteenth

Here’s what some of them learned, about society, and themselves, and what they would like to share with you: Vernon Bennett, Account Executive Juneteenth is more than a date to mark off on a calendar. It’s the…

Deliverability: let’s talk about Gmail

Gmail has some of the best features and filters for users that make their inbox super easy to operate and understand. And yet marketers seem mystified by gmail and often find themselves coming up against challenges. While…

June round-up: top marketing learning resources

Get your hands on our hottest marketing learning resources from this month.

dotdigital is now ISO 27001 certified

So, what is ISO 27001? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent organization that sets the global standards in areas such as security, safety, and quality. As the name suggests, its goal is to define…

Understanding what your customers want

At the core of every B2B and B2C brand is a customer need. All the products and services we create and supply meet this need. Understanding customers’ needs is what drives innovation. Whether you’re a B2B tech…

How do product recommendations work in dotdigital Engagement Cloud

We speak to Senior Product Manager Ian Pollard and Global Support Manager Mark Ritchie to learn more about how customers can get started with product recommendations, and what makes dotdigital’s tools so unique.

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